Wednesday, March 7, 2012


What did you find most useful or interesting in this course? how so? how might you apply that knowledge beyond this course?

Sorry the ape was cute ;) There were a couple things I found interesting and useful in this course. 

  • Discussion on current events
  • News Sphere
  • Movements of writing (I guess that's what you'd call it..)
Discussion of current events

Even though it was just a minor thing that we did to begin the class every day I thought that it was very useful to allocate time just to talk about whats going on. We get busy and have tons of stuff on our mind so its hard to keep up on stuff. Also different people are interested in different things so stuff I normally wouldn't really have looked into gets brought up and discussing the stuff in the news is also really interesting. it forces us to go beyond "hey this happened" "oh ok." to discussing why and what this means and onward.

News Sphere

It was interesting to go into how the news sort of revolves around itself and grows and expands and depends on itself taking the argument out of the good news v. bad news into the function of the news. 

Movement of Writing

I go into this more with my post "Taking an Approach is Like Learning Music Theory" which I enjoyed a lot. 
I felt more engaged in my writing. It wasn't like I just wrote the paper and turned it in and forgot about it. We talked about our writing and the writing groups are really helpful. I cared more about writing a good paper and to the best of my abilities not just an "A" paper...and there is a difference between the two....

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  1. I am glad that you felt the course pushed you to write a good paper and not just an "A" paper. Your writing shows a lot of personality, and you used you blog to very good effect in that way. I even enjoyed the picture of the gorilla in thought. Thanks.