Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blogging About Blogging (Part Two)

Blogging has definitely changed my ideas about..well..blogging. Not about it's purpose in the world or how useful it can be (I still believe most blogs are a waste of server space), but as a writing style in general. I have enjoyed blogging because it has challenged me to write in a way I haven't ever had to write before. In my blogs I have to strive to find the perfect balance between academic and creative writing with a touch of journalistic style to it too. Being freed from the strict academic format has given me the freedom to find my voice in my writing. However, the blog also requires a professionalism of sorts. My writing cannot be sloppy or unorganized. It has to be pleasing to the eye and ear and yet entertaining. I have enjoyed trying to find that balance. I have enjoyed being challenged. Most of the writing courses I take simply do not challenge me to write any differently. As long as I follow the format and write concisely, I will get an A. Thus, there is no incentive to change or expand.

As far as my habits on the web, they have changed immensely. I have taken to watching The Daily Show (my friend and I had a daily show marathon trying to catch up on the most recent episodes...did you know that The Daily Show has been on for over 10 years?!) Like I noted in my earlier post I have put The New York Times as my homepage to watch the news. I also got a few news apps for my phone such as Pulse News, Reddit, and Times Magazine (my favorite news magazine by far). Those are nice because they are quick and easy. I can look at them in between classes, which means, unfortunately, I've been neglecting my Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends games as of late. (oops) The problem with all this is I'm starting to feel like I have too much begging for my attention. I have Facebook, Google+, Gmail, NYTimes, Times, Pulse, Reddit, The Daily Show, my normal TV shows (White Collar was on tonight and I missed it...I was so sad) I have also gotten behind on Bones and NCIS, and I've been started on How I Met Your Mother so I have to catch up on that...I kinda feel like the guy on that video clip we watched in class. There is too much going on in this world to pay attention to it all. I guess the trick is to find what you like and don't like and stick with that...

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  1. I can see you practicing the style you describe as a combo of academic, creative, journalistic. It's a good approach for you.

    The part about needing to keep up with everything reminded me of that "technology loop" video.