Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Intimate Details of my Habits on the Internet...

DAY 1 - 1/9/12

  • Woke up (well really woke up about 8:30 and dozed/lazed around a bit…so I guess I really actually got up at ten)
  •  Checked Facebook several times in the next 2 hours or so 

Ok here’s the deal with FB. I never spend much time on it at one time and most of the time I’m using my phone not my computer. I’d say I spend about 5 minutes on FB at a time MAX. Just to see the most recent status updates, maybe like this one or if I’m feeling motivated I’ll comment on that one. I only really ever post a status like once every two days or so. (Drives me crazy when someone insists on posting every 5 minutes so if you do that please please tone it down a bit)

  • Got on Gmail, checked my emails and sent some as well

Gmail is also something I use kind of like FB. I check it frequently (not as much as FB) but I’m never on there very long.
  •  Got on Pandora

Pushed play and subsequently stopped thinking about my computer
  • Used my phone to check XKCD.

It’s an online comic strip that I’m addicted to. It’s slightly nerdy but its funny.
  •  Used my phone to check FB 

Btw I’ve kind of lost track of the time around in here…so I’m sorry but these events will remain timeless
  •  Used my phone random question my brother asked.

Can bears outrun a horse? The answer is yes btw. For short distances anyway. Bears can run up to 35-40mph while horses are usually at about 25-30mph. BUT bears are sprinters not distance runners.
  •  Used my phone to look up the weather

It’s been really nice lately. Where did winter go?
  •   Remembered my lovely laptop and used it to fill out my CSS Profile                       

Now I’m back on track with times
Went to class

  • Used my laptop to get on Blackboard

Laptop dies D:

In Class after I’ve plugged in my Laptop

  • Looked at the other class blogs
  • Looked at Nytimes.com


  • Got on DU course Media and watched two films for homework

  • Got on Amazon.com to buy a book for my kindle

That I’m not going to be able to read unless I leave campus and get on somebody else’s Wi-Fi since DU’s Wi-Fi doesn’t support kindle…grr

DAY 2 – 1/10/12

  • Ok I lied kind of…I didn’t quite finish the films so I had to finish them when I got up

  • Got on FB

One thing I forgot to mention about FB I like Fox31 news so I do some news throughout the day

  • Got on Gmail

  • Used my phone to check XKCD


Went to class

  • Got on Evernote
  • Got on FB (during our break don’t worry)


  • Got on the fasfa website
  • Checked my gmail
  • Got on my blog
  • Posted blog ;) 
Ok I realize its like 6:30ish now but I had to go to dinner...

And there you have it…two days worth of Internet activity. Honestly I thought I’d have a list much longer than this so I’m pretty pleased with myself. However I also realize that as a “civic-minded” person...which is what this little exercise was aimed at...I pretty much suck….


  1. Just an added note, I decided to put nytime.com as my home page and that has helped with my awareness of the news

    1. Good idea to set the NYT as your homepage. Checking in with the news, even just to skim headlines, is much easier when you don't have to remind yourself to do it.

    2. it really helps actually I like it.