Saturday, January 7, 2012

blogging about...blogging???

I must say, I don't give blogging much credence. Lately I've been told over and over again how the internet is the latest and greatest for the civic-minded citizen; providing even the most un-noteworthy "Joe Schmo"(or Jane for the politically correct) a means of expressing their opinion and exercising their rights...but who wants to read some random person's ranting? But then again, even as I write (type) I'm thinking to myself, "who cares if no one reads it? What does it matter if someone’s blog isn't world changing? They're having fun right?" So I will let the bloggers be, let them have their blogs. I on the other hand, would not keep a blog unless I felt it was doing something worthwhile. Currently it’s helping my grade in a class. 

I will say I do believe blogging can be a valid form of writing. Note I said can. Not always. Blogs can vary between informative, interesting and well-written pieces to bumbling, clumsy things more akin to a FB status. Facebook is great but it’s definitely not where I would look for anything too inspiring.

So what do I think of blogs? They could be a wonderful resource…or they could be a complete waste of server space. Usually, they are the latter of the two. As far as my blog goes…well to be honest I’m kind of bored just writing it but I did have fun making it. Its kind of cute if I do say so myself ;) It was pretty easy to do, but being a member of the internet age I don’t really have much trouble with technology. Anyway hope you’ve enjoyed my rambling.


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